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Our Expertise

The Nameta team has the expertise in manufacturing, designing and the delivery of your products. 
About Us 

Nameta North America Corp. was established in 2000 with the primary focus to authorize the highest qualified suppliers who can meet our quality, price and delivery expectations. 

The strong relationship we have with both our buyers and suppliers tracks back to the energetic work environment at Nameta North America Corp.

Above the Competition
  • Proven track record of dependable, devoted, high quality sources.

  • We have established relationships with a multitude of factories in China. 

  • Daily comprehensive market research of various markets and new trends. 

  • Quality assurance inspectors internally and externally.

  • Product development and testing by ALL China suppliers 

Social Compliance 


  • Electronic mail only 

  • Reduced printing 

  • BPA free plastics 


  • Eco Fabrics

  • Packaging materials 

  • Toner cartridges 

Our teams sustainability is based on developing an action plan to diminish our environmental impact and distribute better solutions to our consumers. 

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